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Hello again...

I have been often called "the resource guy" as I have acquired many helpful tools through the years of ministry. I would love to assist you in finding books, media, and teachings for areas of interest to you. Ask me ... if I don't know the answer, I will work to find it.

I have helped over 1,000+ people with simple steps to regain focus in life.

mindset coaching - spiritual disciplines - personal development - soulscaping

How to use the Prayer Wheel?

This wheel represents ONE full hour of prayer divided into twelve 5 minute sections. It is a guide to assist you in spending that entire hour with God.

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What help do you need right now?

Browse through the range of services offered --

Personal Development

Understanding more about who you are

and growing into that through mentorship, accountability and simple action steps.


Development of new routines and habits to

positively and effectively rewire your thinking. Eliminating subconscious beliefs that aren't serving you and the life you desire to live.

Spiritual Disciplines

Discover and understand time honored rituals that "the church" has utilized to grow your spirit life.

Connecting to Father heart of God

Learn ways to simply embrace the heart of God and secure your trust in Him as your provider and friend.

Need assistance choosing where to start? I can help

What's next?

Have questions? Schedule a call or message me.

Here's what my clients say

taught me a way to understand the word of God and make it stick."



a real and incredible experience. I am forever grateful for their love and expertise! ''



our marriage was on the verge of ending. You helped point us to our Savior. He used you in a mighty way. 



amazing and extremely sensitive to the Holy Spirit. Through the years, the rhema words given has changed my life! They listen, they are relatable, they have ministered to me well. They are the real deal! ''



Meet Brandon 

I'm the type of guy who can be quite serious most of the time, and then turn on my quirky fun side when appropriate. My love for reading, theology, music and culture has made me adept to explore many interesting and challenging conversations.

I love nature, camping, hiking, and exploring. My favorite music genre is 70's/80's rock n roll. I love action movies and mystery. Also, I know a thing or two about history! (quiz me sometime- lol)

I enjoy time spent alone to recharge. (and as many don't know... I am quite an introvert!) I most importantly love Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and desire to honor them with my life.  

Read my story to discover more about the journey of my life.