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Background in healing modalities, training and mentorship through the years.

(not an exhaustive list as personal reading and studies are extensive)

Blending the "tools" as Holy Spirit leads to shape this journey. 

Restoring the Foundations

First introduction to prayer ministry around 1998. Attended Church that hosted event and trained in this model.

Elijah House

Completed their video training series. (2000)

Steps to Freedom in Christ

Completed this training course.


Hosted a special retreat at the newly established retreat center ministry 2008. Sozo Ministry sent Jim and Pat Banks with House of Healing Ministries to train.

Also, experienced first personal session.

Advanced Sozo

Completed the video training - in depth techniques. Began to take appointments as practitioner and pastoral counseling. (2008-2009)

Bethel School of Supernatural Healing

Purchased and participated in first year school curriculum through interactive video series. Studied with a local group of believers. Began healing prayer "booths" and ministry locally. (2010)

Christian Healing Ministries

In person training and certification

3 levels Francis McNutt

Restarting with Ed Khouri

Restarting: Thriving Joyful Recovery From Trauma and Addictions.

In Person training and DVD series


In person training with Father Andrew Miller.  

Restoration in Christ Ministries

Completed the RCM- DID online training.

John Smeltzer Counseling

Personal ministry and mentoring.

Open heart teaching.


Personal ministry and mentoring

with Peter Toth. 

Read and studied books by Toth:

Dissociation The Forgotten Factor in Healing

Underestimating Satan

Catch The Fire

Participated in week long training in person with Duncan and Kate Smith and team.

Father's Heart teaching in Greenville MS. Certificate.

Global Awakening

Participated in Master's Degree Program with online mentoring by Randy Clark.

Healing Class.

Immanuel Approach

 The Immanuel Approach describes a faith-based (Christian) approach to healing for emotional trauma.

Completed first level. 

Certification @next training

Defined by God

Personal life coaching/ mentoring

with Anna Harris

Included healing prayer and course

Defined by God: Fathered by God

Hearing God

Courses and ministry followed and trained via dvd with

Mark Virkler

Latest training in process

always MORE to learn 

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